The Greatest High School Coach Ever?

Is Morgan Wootten the greatest basketball coach ever? In this wide-ranging documentary, top coaches, players, and sports journalists – Coach K, Roy Williams, Mike Brey, James Brown, John Feinstein, and others – tell the story of DeMatha High School and its legendary coach who shaped the game of basketball and changed lives along the way.

Praise for the Film

“Everyone who follows basketball in the DC area, and every basketball coach in the country, knows who Morgan Wootten is. This superbly-crafted film tells his story with grace and humor, and reminds us that Morgan Wootten wasn’t just a coach, but an inspirational teacher and leader of men whose legacy resonates through every basketball program in America. It’s a must-see for anyone who cares about basketball, or wants to understand leadership.”

– John Ford, former President and General Manager of Discovery Channel

“For many basketball fans, Morgan Wootten and Dematha High School are names as familiar as Coach K and Duke. They stand for excellence, integrity, passion and teamwork – things that are easy to understand but hard to portray. ‘The Godfather of Basketball’ makes those values real through the words of people with great affection for Coach Wootten, and for the game of basketball. What a gift to the rest of us.”

– Michael J. Schoenfeld, Vice President Public Affairs and Government Relations at Duke University